Loved ones remember Martella Tyler, a victim of an apparent murder-suicide

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 10:30 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - “Honestly I don’t think y’all have a long enough news hour to talk about Martella, and that’s just from one person,” gushed Martella Tyler’s cousin, Dametric Anderson.

He’s one of many people remembering the life and legacy of 40-year-old Martella Tyler. Family and friends alike say she was larger than life and always had a positive attitude and a helping hand.

They say they were beyond surprised when they found out she died in an apparent murder-suicide. Huntsville police say they believe her husband, Justin Tyler killed her and then himself Saturday night.

They say they found the bodies when they were called to their north Huntsville home for a fire. Officials say they were able to rescue one of Martella’s daughters from the fire. She was taken to the hospital before returning to family members.

In February, Justin Tyler was arrested for domestic violence. Justin was accused of stabbing his wife and attacking one of their children. He was released shortly after his address and Martella secured a protection order.

Less than a month ago, she filed to dismiss the protection order.

Many people in Martella’s life didn’t know there was a problem in her marriage, saying they seem like a happy, married couple.

“it’s really shocking and scary at the same time that something like this could happen to me it’s kind of like 180° of what I’ve seen,” said Anderson.

Martella’s loved ones describe her as someone who is relentlessly positive and energetic.

“She’s always been a larger than life person no matter what was going on. If you were having a bad day she was going to get you to smile and get you to laugh and get you to open up about what you were going through,” said Anderson

“Martella, she called me every day she’ll check up on you no matter what she’s going through,” said Darrius Johnson, her close friend and her daughter’s softball coach. “She’ll catch up on you she’s catching up on everybody making sure they’re alright and things of that nature and that phone call will be missed.”

Her mother, Marcita Johnson Davis, is reeling from the loss of her daughter.

“I got a hole in my heart there’s a hole there it’s painful,” said Davis. “I never thought I’d have to bury my child. It’s a nightmare. It’s something a parent never wants to go through.”

Above all, she’s being remembered as a deeply dedicated mother of three and grandmother of two.

“She was a great mom. She made sure her kids never did without,” said Davis. “She spoiled her kids. She was a great mom. She was always there for her kids if not she made sure there was a way for them.”

There are still a lot of questions in the murder-suicide and fire investigation.

Huntsville police officials say a autopsies are scheduled for Martella and Justin Tyler to determine their causes of death.

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