Green, brown and smelly water concerns pour into Moulton

Published: May. 18, 2022 at 7:22 PM CDT
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MOULTON, Ala. (WAFF) - Many people in Moulton are describing their tap water as green, stinky, and muddy. City leaders say it’s safe but it’s impacting businesses across the areas, like restaurants and salons.

Workers at Salon 360 say the smell of the water hits them like a truck and customers are starting to complain.

“As soon as we sit customers down to get their hair shampooed, it’s muddy, dingy water like creek water and then it may or may not clear up,” said Salon 360 Cosmetologist Kim Harvell. “Sometimes the shampoo will not lather and we’ve been running into many, many difficulties with this.”

Harvell says she thinks the water is damaging her and her customer’s hair.

“It’s affecting our customers. They’re coming in and complaining their hair is dry, brittle and their color doesn’t last as long,” said Harvell. “We’re having to buy extra things to demineralize their hair so the color and perms will take better.”

The water started to taste, look and smell dirty again about seven months ago and the people in Moulton are waiting for this to be fixed.

Moulton city leaders are treating the water with hydrogen peroxide and copper sulfate. They say there is algae bloom in their water supply causing the strange look, smell and taste of water.

There is another option. They have a partnership with the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Plant. When there’s an emergency, the plant can flip a switch and give Moulton water.

“We’re there ready to help if they need us,” said West Morgan East Lawrence Water Plant General Manager Jeaneice Slater. “They’re making the decisions they need to for their respective community and what they feel is best”

City leaders say the Alabama Department of Environmental Management deemed the water safe to drink. But the people who have to drink it don’t feel that way.

“It’s very scary because we don’t know what it is and we don’t know if they know what it is,” said Harvell.

In the meantime, Moulton’s Water Superintendent position remains empty. City councilwoman Cassandra Lee said she was going to make a motion to reinstate Jerry Johnson at Monday’s city council meeting, but she changed her mind.

On May 6, the city personnel board voted to reinstate Johnson after he was fired by the mayor. Councilwoman Lee says if the council doesn’t take action within 30 days their recommendation will automatically be enforced.

He will be reinstated on June 5 if city leaders don’t interfere.

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