Crime Stoppers: Crime of the week

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Robbing a liquor store had nothing to do with the libations and everything to do with the cash, in this crime.

Can you recognize this bandit and others in tonight’s Crime Stoppers?

You would think a crime at an ABC Beverages store would have something to do with the alcohol. Not this time. On April 15, police say a man walked into the store on University Drive, held the clerk at gunpoint and demanded cash. As he was leaving the store, he dropped his gun. It went off, but thankfully didn’t hit anyone.

Do you recognize this clumsy crook, in the Steelers beanie and a black hoodie?

The hunt is still on for Laquasia Hunter, she’s accused of renting furniture from a local store and then refusing to pay for it.

Eddie Hendricks is a sex offender who needs to let authorities know where he is.

Kaizar Grady is wanted for the same thing.

Investigators say he also didn’t let law enforcement know about his current living arrangements.

Police are looking for Eric Hinton - he is wanted on drug charges- and allegedly has methamphetamine in his possession.

Brittany Hodge is accused of theft by deception. Police say she wrote bogus checks, cashed them and the checks bounced.

If your tip leads the Crime Stoppers to one of this week’s Valley’s Wanted, you could qualify for up to $1,000. Just call 53-CRIME. You can also text or email your tips.

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