Evansville motel owner: “They were not official guests here,” reacting to Casey and Vicky White’s stay

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Published: May. 10, 2022 at 6:49 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Vanderburgh County Sheriff, Dave Wedding, says Vicky and Casey White were believed to have been staying in Evansville as early as May 2.

While they were in town, they were hiding out in a room at the Motel 41.

Owner of Motel 41, Paul Shah, says an Evansville man checked in to a room at his motel and paid for a two week stay.

Sheriff Wedding says that was the same room that Vicky and Casey White were staying in, but Shah had no idea they were there.

“Actually yesterday was the first day I came to know they were looking for those fugitives in this area.,” said Shah.

Sheriff Wedding says he believes Casey and Vicky White paid a random person to reserve the room for them and that he believes they had no connection to any Evansville residents.

“They were not officially guests here. Somebody else checked in... so officially there was no... officially they are not my registered guests here,” said Shah.

Shah says neither him or his motel staff ever saw Casey or Vicky White during their stay and nothing looked suspicious in the area until he saw the car chase.

“There was no excitement here... nothing,” said Shah. “They were following that blue Cadillac or something, that car. They asked me... They were just following that car yesterday all day. As soon as I was gone after 3:30 p.m. and then I just came to know on the news that they found them... The car chase or something... but nothing happened in my parking lot, that’s what I’m saying, you know.”

Shah says he’s owned Motel 41 for 12 years and nothing like this has happened before, but he says it’s shocking the fugitives ended up in Evansville and staying at his motel without him knowing.

“It’s shocking and surprising why they chose Evansville, you know,” said Shah. But, see, we did not know. When somebody checked in not officially... it was somebody else, a local guy... How would you know that somebody is visiting them. Because officially, they were not official guests.”

Shah says right now the room Casey and Vicky stayed in is still registered under that Evansville man’s name.

Sheriff Wedding tells us the man is not facing any charges.

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