Connie Ridgeway’s son still looking for justice following capture of Casey White

‘So to me, justice won’t really be served till we reach that endpoint.’
Published: May. 10, 2022 at 8:29 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Following an 11-day manhunt for Casey White and Vicky White, the United States Marshals Service caught the two in Evansville, Indiana Monday.

Casey White was in prison for multiple crimes that took place in December of 2020, while serving a 75-year sentence, Casey White confessed to the murder of Connie Ridgeway.

Ridgeway’s son, Austin Williams spoke to WAFF’s own Liz Hurley after Marshals recaptured Casey White in Indiana.

“Well, I mean, this has been the longest 11 days of my life. I mean, it’s just like flown by just mix of emotions and, and just to get the news. It’s like a miracle. It feels great,” Williams said. “But at the same time hearing that Vicki has passed. That’s not That’s not what we hope for.”

Williams was happy that White had been caught but was also sad for Vicky White who he believes might not have known what exactly she was up against with Casey White.

“Casey’s romantic relationships haven’t lasted long in the past. Maybe she didn’t know what she was up against exactly,” Williams said.

After the car that Casey White and Vicky White were in was run off the road by U.S. Marshals, Vicky White shot herself while Casey White surrendered to law enforcement. More than a week ago, Williams told Hurley that he did not think Vicky White would survive this.

“I didn’t think Casey White would surrender. I really didn’t. I was thinking he was going to go down in a blaze,” Williams said. “You know, I didn’t expect her to shoot herself and him to just surrender. After all, we’ve been put through the last 11 days.”

Now, Casey White will be extradited back to Lauderdale County, Alabama where he has yet to stand trial for the murder of Ridgeway. For Williams, the trial will provide the justice he believes his mother deserves.

“I want this case to go through trial. So to me, justice won’t really be served till we reach that endpoint,” Williams said. “The end of the trial, guilty or not guilty, that’s what it (justice) looks like to me.”

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