Supply chain issues impacting traffic signals at dangerous intersections

Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 4:12 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - If you live or travel in Madison County, we’re on your side, to let you know how supply chain issues are impacting the roads you travel.

Changes at several dangerous intersections are taking a lot longer than county commissioners want. One problematic area where there have been dozens of accidents, is the intersection of Old Railroad Bed Road and Toney Road, in Toney.

Several months ago, plans were in place to add a traffic signal at the dangerous intersection, and other intersections across the county. The timeline for completing the projects keeps getting pushed back, because of supply chain issues. County leaders are frustrated and drivers are mad.

“We’ve lived here close to four years at this location, and we’ve seen at least 20 accidents, here at the corner,” said Jared.

The corner Jared is referring to is the busy intersection of Old Railroad bed Road and Toney Road. In one accident, someone drove their vehicle into a house, damaging the shutters.

“I’ve seen one hit the home and one truck flew across the street here,” said Jared.

Small cars and big trucks travel up and down the road in all directions. WAFF covered some serious crashes that have taken place at the intersection, resulting in leaders wanting to add a traffic signal.

Madison County Commissioners also announced plans last year to add a traffic signal at the dangerous intersection of Steger Road and Highway 231-431 in Meridianville. However, because of supply chain issues, drivers shouldn’t expect to see lights anytime soon.

“They’ve already told us, expect nine to ten months before the traffic poles can come in. The light poles that you hang the traffic lights from,” said Commissioner Phil Vandiver.

Getting the physical pole, is just one step. There are a lot of parts that go into the light poles.

“You have the three phases. You have the poles that hold the traffic lights up, you have the traffic lights and then you have the computer that runs it. You know, as computer parts are hard to get right now, it just starts delaying that part of the project to,” said Vandiver.

Construction crews are busy at Old Railroad Bed Road and Toney Road, working to add turn lanes with hopes the number of crashes and accidents will go down as we all wait for the lifesaving traffic lights to go up.

Waiting on the parts to arrive, to add a traffic signal is just one of the problems. Another issue Madison County Commissioners are having, is the price for each project. They say adding a traffic light can cost more than $300,000 because parts are in high demand.

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