Decatur Planning Commission approves two highly criticized items

Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 9:07 PM CDT
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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Several looks of disapproval walked out of city hall after the Decatur Planning Commission approved two items that will both impact Carridale Street and Austinville Road.

“Anyone that makes the case to you that it is not a dangerous intersection or a heavily traveled street is not giving you a good story,” said one Decatur citizen.

One plot of land on Austinville Road received increased zoning with the intent for more townhomes to move in. Some, who’ve even formed a grassroots group to hold public officials accountable, believe this growth kind of growth is moving too fast.

“The general feeling is we just need to have the infrastructure ready before we start slamming more and more high density,” said Decatur citizen, Rob Williams.

The Commission also approved plans for 12 townhomes on Carridale Street. The city is also implementing a new traffic study for Carridale and says ALDOT has looked over the plans.

“ALDOT has been notified about all of these in our TRC process and they had no comments. ALDOT didn’t,” said Planning Commissioner, Kent Lawrence.

They also want more sidewalks in the city, something the developers are required to install.

“That is what we require in all subdivisions is a standard 4-foot wide sidewalk,” said Lawrence.

“Yes, right in front of the property the developer is responsible for installing sidewalks. We believe the developer should extend those down to the end of the block,” said Decatur Citizen, Andrea Hoffmeier.

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