Decatur residents concerned over numerous rezoning votes

Published: Apr. 18, 2022 at 11:13 PM CDT
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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Decatur City Council has a lot of rezoning decisions to make when it comes to housing.

Some residents in Decatur say the city needs to focus on improving what it already has before more growth comes its way.

“It always seems like we are for the growth, building the rooftops, but we worry about the traffic later,” said one Decatur citizen.

The city council says growth needs to happen now to bring in more revenue.

“I drive through there multiple times a day and there are no issues.”

One resident, Andrea Hoffmeier is one of many who created 1Duck- OneDecatur United Citizens Kaizen, a grass-roots continual improvement coalition for accountability of the City’s OneDecatur Comprehensive Plan implementation.

“1DUCK is not against growth. We are in favor of sustainable development which absolutely says that we need to grow. But, we need to grow smart.”

OneDecatur is a 128 page comprehensive plan for the City of Decatur to address future needs.

Hoffmeier says 1DUCK members are going block by block to neighborhoods that could be impacted.

“Most of these people didn’t even understand that the vote is happening tomorrow. They didn’t even understand that there was a way that their voices can be heard if they didn’t go to the meeting.”

Hoffmeier says anyone who drives Austinville Road and/or Carridale will be impacted by several votes taking place tomorrow. If you would like to join 1DUCK at the Planning Commission meeting they are gathering at Highpoint Market Coffee at 2 p.m. before the meeting.

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