Alabama transgender teen speaks out on new laws

“I know so many people who have died because they can’t get gender affirming care.”
Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 10:33 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Alabama is the first state to criminalize the use of puberty blockers and hormones for transgender youth under the age of 19. Now, the transgender community is fighting back with multiple lawsuits already filed.

“Let’s focus our efforts on helping these young people become healthy adults just like God wanted them to,” said Governor Kay Ivey.

Alabama’s stance on transgender rights was made clear after Governor Ivey signed two bills into law last week.

One would subject doctors to prison for providing puberty blockers and hormones to transgender youth under 19.

Another requires transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding to their sex at birth, while also prohibiting any discussion of gender and sexual identity in grades K-5.

“I know so many people who have died because they can’t get gender affirming care,” said one transgender teen.

The 17-year-old wants to remain anonymous due to safety reasons and says the LGBTQ+ community is not safe in the state.

“I was watching a clip where a legislator says we want people to stay in the state but they are making it impossible. People are actively leaving the state,” said the teen.

Meanwhile, advocacy groups quickly filed lawsuits challenging the medication ban.

“I am a native Alabamian. There are so many things that make Alabama home, but I can’t be here and my friends can’t be here if we are constantly targeted. These laws target us,” said the teen.

This 17-year-old says this is not a decision many transgender people want to make.

“If I could choose to be straight or I could choose to not be non-binary, I would do that in a heartbeat,” said the teen.”

Many in the LGBTQ+ community hope Alabama can turn this around.

“Why can’t we have diversity? Along with our family values, and our great food,” said the teen.

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