Kitchen Cops: “Too many roaches to count” at one Morgan County spot

Dripping grease, a moldy ice machine, improperly stored chemicals...just some of the issues in this week's Kitchen Cops
Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 8:35 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Three different spots around north Alabama are trying to improve after earning scores in the 60′s on their most recent health inspections.


The Marathon Fast Food at Highway 20 just west of Highway 67 has the lowest score in north Alabama this week with a 62. Inspectors there found grease dripping from a hood filter, mold in the ice machine, no sanitizer in the dishwasher, no soap in the women’s restroom, dirty dishes stored with clean ones, unlabeled pest control chemicals in the kitchen and “too many roaches present to count”.

Big Sam’s on Old Moulton Road gets a 78 due to mold in the soda nozzles, no soap or paper towels in the restroom and bug spray in the kitchen.

The Jack’s on Highway 20 near Woodall Road scores a 79 after inspectors noted food temperature issues and mold in the ice machine.


Another score in the 60′s comes from a frequent flyer on Kitchen Cops. We’ve repeatedly told you about sub-par scores in the restaurant at the Pine Grove Texaco. The most recent inspection shows no improvement in the score - a 65. The write-ups include:

  • Low water temperature at a handsink
  • Dirty utensils stored with clean ones
  • 10 parts per million of sanitizer in the sink (100 is standard)
  • Cooked mushrooms at a low temperature
  • Employees handling trash then touching ready-to-eat foods without changing gloves

Inspectors say all of these issues were addressed but the low score will stand.

The only other low score in Madison County this week was at the Mei Wei Asian Diner on University Drive. It gets a 79 because of no sanitizer in the dishwasher, and no hot water at a sink.

We’ve also noticed a slight turn-around in scores coming from Bridge Street. As we’ve reported in recent months, the restaurants at the upscale shopping center were hit with multiple violations on inspections over the past year. This week, three formerly low scoring Bridge Street restaurants were inspected. While none made our Top Performers list, none were considered problematic either. PF Chang’s and Red Robin both earn an 88 and Urban Cookhouse has a 94.


The Marshall County Health Department sent us an entire month’s worth of scores and inspection reports for March of 2022. The lowest score here is the Cici’s Pizza on Highway 431 in Guntersville. It’s hit with a 65 due to personal drinks on the prep table, multiple food temperature problems, missing paper towels at the sink, missing safety equipment and missing certifications.

Elsewhere in Marshall County, The Brick on Gunter Avenue scores a 70. It was written up for unlabeled spray bottles, foods without date markings on them, mold in the ice machine and no soap at the hand washing sink.

Another 70 goes to Jack’s on Highway 431 in Boaz. There was residue on the soda nozzles, a torn fry scoop and food temperature issues.

Cabo on Gunter Avenue scores a 72. Inspectors there saw an employee touching cheese barehanded, saw Windex stored next to food and found multiple food temperature problems.

Jessy Tacos and Tortas is another repeat offender in the Kitchen Cops line-up. It’s score this time around is a 76. There was no food safety manager on site, food temperature problems and missing paper towels in the restroom.

The recreation cafeteria at Lake Guntersville State Park got a 79 because of multiple food temperature issues, cleaning chemical stored above drinking glasses and week old food still in the fridge.


The Mongolian Grill Buffet on Cox Creek Parkway has the lowest score in Lauderdale County with a 77. There was chicken in the sink, an employee touching food barehanded and no drying devices at a hand washing sink.

The Texas Roadhouse just up the street on Cox Creek wasn’t much better on it’s scorecard. It got an 80 with numerous employee drink items left out on the food prep table and the fridge holding meats at the wrong temperature.


No significant problems reported in Limestone County


No significant problems reported in Colbert County.

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