Lauderdale County severe weather aftermath

Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 8:21 PM CDT
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LAUDERDALE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - The aftermath of Wednesday night’s storms is forcing some in Lauderdale County to put their lives back together.

Damage that many were surprised to hear was not caused by a tornado.

“In this area, you can get high winds just about anytime and we had significant damage in two parts of the county,” said Lauderdale County EMA Director George Grabryan.

He says Central Heights and Killen were hit the hardest.

“What we looked at the weather service came over and looked at everything. They felt like they had 90-95 mph winds aloft, which translated to 70-77 mph winds. This is indicative of the damage we saw out there,” said Grabryan.

Grabryan says thankfully no one was killed.

“We only had the one injury that we picked up and we sure had a lot of potential injuries, we really did,” said Grabryan.

The EMA director says North Alabamans need to keep a watchful eye on weekly weather conditions.

“It is that time of year. We are hit heavily in the spring and heavily in the fall. In Alabama we have seen all the seasons within a week,” said Grabryan.

He says he feels for the people in his county who suffered severe damage.

“A family in particular that I actually knew- They were in a situation where they were in their safe room and everything just fell apart right around them,” said Grabryan

But the people of Lauderdale County are working hard and coming together to get their communities back to normal.

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