Tutoring to help kids rebound academically from pandemic

Published: Mar. 25, 2022 at 7:09 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Waves of variants have caused inconsistencies, forcing children to fluctuate between online classes and in-person learning. But what happens after kids return to classrooms?

“If it was a second grader and he went to third grade, they were expected to know what was supposed to be taught in the second grade, and a lot of kids were behind.”

Dr. Praveena Kommidi, Founder of the Rocket City Learning Center, says this problem was compounded if parents were too busy with work to offset those struggles.

“Especially for the younger kids. Let’s say they were in kindergarten when the pandemic started. They’re going to third grade, but they did not have a formal setting and a formal learning environment,” Kommidi stated. “If the parents are supporting them or they’re coming to a center like this -- and there are a bunch of them like this -- and if there is a tutor who is supporting for their success, they are doing okay. But if they did not have that help, they are struggling big time.”

Tamika Baugh is an engineer and mother of three young boys. At the start of the pandemic, her twins were heading into kindergarten and the other was heading to the first grade. She welcomed the boost that tutoring provided her kids, especially from a social aspect.

“That was kind of a big jump for them where they were starting pre-k for the first time in a public school and they were waiting for the experience and they didn’t get that whole experience,” Baugh said. “They didn’t get valentine’s parties with exchange and all the things that you expect. Field trips, all that was not the same for them when they went to virtual and online.”

As students get ready to wind down the school year, there is always a tutor available to help them stay on track.

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