Moulton city council members stand up for employee facing termination

Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 10:34 PM CDT
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MOULTON, Ala. (WAFF) - City leaders in Moulton are taking sides - the city council on one side and the mayor on the other.

Monday’s meeting got heated all over a city employee facing termination.

Last week, we told you the water superintendent is on paid leave over accusations of harassment.

The letter from the mayor states he intends to fire Jerry Johnson over accusations of threats...
The letter from the mayor states he intends to fire Jerry Johnson over accusations of threats against another city employee.(WAFF)

Jerry Johnson has been with the city for more than two decades, but a couple of weeks ago he received a letter from the Mayor of Moulton that read, “you will be terminated from your city employment.”

The letter goes into say he made threats against another city employee. However, some of the city council members I talked to tonight say he is a great person and an asset to the city. Monday’s Moulton City Council meeting was brief but emotional.

Although the topic of Jerry Johnson was not on the agenda, that didn’t stop council members from bringing it up.

Mayor Roger Weatherwax has not confirmed the potential termination to WAFF, although this letter states firing Johnson is his intent.

Councilmember Cassandra Lee tells us Johnson is a great employee, who would be difficult to replace.

“He has dedicated his life to this job. He works way beyond what is expected of him,” Lee said.

Lee also criticized the mayor on his handling of this employee and the rest of them, saying he’s not completing evaluations on city employees or maintaining personnel records.

“And I just want whoever is managing this city to take their job seriously and that means evaluations on you all, that means personnel files that need to be done. So if you’re going to run the city, you run it right,” she said.

I talked with Johnson’s attorney after the meeting. He confirms that Johnson is still on paid leave. His attorney is meeting with the mayor on Wednesday to discuss what comes next.

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