U.S. Space Command update, Redstone Arsenal involvement

Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 8:02 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Members of the Senate Armed Services held a budget hearing Tuesday, March 8, to find out what U.S. Space Command needs now, and for the future. The meeting is timely, especially as Russia continues to invade Ukraine.

”Right now, do you think we have enough capability to prevent Russia and Communist China from intimidating us and our allies?” U.S. Senator Rick Scott.

“My forces are ready right now, to do anything President asks us to do,” said ADM Charles Richard.

During the meeting, some senators say we are not doing enough to help Ukraine.

“If we would have been sending all of the missiles to Ukraine over the last five months, that we sent on an emergency basis over the last two weeks, I know that some people in the White House feel like that would cause Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, but how foolish does that look now. I think it also a bad signal to not continue our routine nuclear testing,” said U.S. Senator Tom Cotton.

Military leaders say they are behind in developing the necessary deterrents to face adversaries in the near future and money talks.

“I think congress as you said, has my back if we would pass a budget. The budgets are adequate, we just need them enacted,” said ADM Richard.

During the meeting, the topic of where to put Space Command headquarters came up, and if Redstone should be the pick. General Dickinson said it will take three years to get set up regardless of the location, and he wants a decision to be made soon.

U.S. Senator Tuberville still believes Redstone Arsenal is the right place.

“Since President Trump lost, the delegation Republican and Democrat from Colorado is fighting like heck to keep Space Command in Colorado. So we have a fight on our hands, but it belongs here,” said Tuberville.

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