Permitless carry bill passes Alabama Senate; expected to get final approval from House

Permitless carry act passes Alabama State Senate
Published: Mar. 3, 2022 at 5:35 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Thursday was a major step forward on a gun bill in the state legislature.

The Permitless Carry Act passed through the Senate and will head back to the House for approval. It’s already passed both chambers, but after Senate amendments Thursday, the House will have to approve it once again next week. If passed by the House, it heads to Governor Ivey’s desk for her signature.

“I do not think it will go into committee, I think the House will act on it, I think the governor will sign it and I think it will become law,” said Attorney Mark McDaniel.

The constitutional right to carry is what’s driven supporters of this bill to push it through the state legislature. They say someone shouldn’t need a permit to do that.

“You can carry a gun without a permit once this law is passed, but there are still a number of exceptions,” McDaniel said.

Attorney Mark McDaniel says even though permits could soon not be required, people still won’t be able to bring guns into certain places like courthouses, sporting events and schools, and business owners who don’t want guns on property, have a right to dismiss customers who are carrying.

McDaniel adds this bill does not change anything for people convicted of felonies.

“If you have a prior felony conviction, domestic violence, any kind of sex offense, this doesn’t affect you at all. you can still get time in prison, significant time in prison if you are a person forbidden to carry a pistol,” he said.

Some opposed to this bill fear law enforcement agencies will be at risk, with more guns on the streets.

We reached out to our neighbors in Tennessee, where a permitless carry bill went into effect eight months ago.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Jeff Bradford says they have not seen an increase in violent crime.

“A lot of your criminals will think or have a second thought before they commit a crime because they don’t know who is armed now and who’s not/ they’re going to have their guns, so this law gives the average citizen the opportunity to carry their weapon and protect themselves,” Bradford said.

All Democrats voted against this bill.

WAFF reached out to House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, who adamantly opposes this bill and we are waiting to hear back.

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