Bars and businesses are pulling Russian-based products from their shelves

Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 8:38 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Governor Kay Ivey joined several other states in banning Russian alcohol at ABC stores in Alabama. Governor Ivey says this is about showing support to the people of Ukraine and opposing the unnecessary humanitarian crisis Russia has created.

The response from the public is split on the move.

”It is kinda like how you bounce somebody from the bar because they weren’t getting along with everyone else. We decided to dump the Russian Vodka for now because they weren’t playing well with others at the bar,” said one bar owner.

Some bars are independently choosing to halt sales of Russian-based products, but for some here in Alabama it is mandatory.

Governor Kay Ivey called for the removal of Russian liquor from ABC Stores throughout the state saying in part, “This is a small, but meaningful way to take action and show the people of Ukraine we support them.”

Decatur Resident, Robbie Morgan believes it’s an empty gesture.

“I get they are going for solidarity, but as far as having an impact for what is going on I can’t say for sure that is going to be the case as far as it affecting anything,” said Morgan.

Others say they want to take part any way they can…

“We can do nothing or we can try and take part. If everyone tries to do a little bit of something it makes a big difference,” said one restaurant owner.

ABC sent WAFF a Statement on the governor’s order saying, “We complied as soon as we received her directive. Fortunately, we only carry a few Russian-sourced products so we were able to act quickly.”

Only one brand of vodka is affected. It’s Russian standard.

Morgan says we should be lending a helping hand to Ukraine to show our stance.

“Something more impactful let’s send actual aid to Ukraine. Instead of solidarity let’s actually support. If you want to make your opinion known to Russia that is the way to do it,” said Morgan.

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