New weight loss program announced at Cullman Regional Hospital

Cullman Regional Medical Center weight loss program
Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 6:43 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Weight loss is something many of us battle and Alabama happens to be the state with the third-highest obesity rate in the nation. That’s why doctors say medical intervention can save lives.

“Obesity has been declared a disease since 2013. So if it’s a disease and it’s not treated, it’s going to take its course,” said Dr. Venkat Kanthimathinathan.

An hour of surgery and three weeks of recovery and some people can lose up to 50 pounds. But who is the right candidate for weight loss surgery?

“30 to 35 is mild obesity, 35 to 40 is moderate obesity and more than 40 is severe morbid obesity. So surgery actually starts with a BMI of 35,” said Dr. Lakshmi Kanthimathinathan.

Dr. Venkat, the head of the Cullman Regional’s Bariatric Center of Excellence, says patients are coached for three to six months before the surgery takes place; o they learn good habits to prep them for success after the surgery is over.

“Surgery is only a small portion, reason for success the majority of that is what they learn in the process. That determines how much weight they are going to lose and how long they can keep it off,” said Dr. Kanthimathinathan.

But surgery isn’t the right fit for everyone. Dr. Kannan with Cullman Regional oversees the nonsurgical approach to losing weight.

“You can get a personal trainer, you can go on special diets, you can order online, but that is not a medical approach to this disease, because why somebody gains weight is a very personalized question to be answered,” said Dr. Kannan.

She works with each patient and pairs them with a dietician to help with their journey.

Katelyn Sudduth, who is Dr. Kannan’s patient is one of her patients. She says she’s down 30 pounds.

“Dr. Kannan got the blood work done beforehand and found out that my hormones and my metabolism were kind of contradicting each other and weren’t working together to lose the weight all though I was doing everything possible to try to lose weight,” said Katelyn Sudduth.

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