ALDOT working with Lawrence County on intersection safety

Published: Feb. 23, 2022 at 11:22 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - An update, after a Hillsboro man was hit and killed while driving across the intersection of Highway 20 and County Road 400. This comes just 8 months after another wreck took the life of a Hillsboro woman at the same intersection.

If you notice the people who have gotten hurt there or had an accident were locals, but the people who hit them were not locals,” said Lawrence County Commissioner Jesse Byrd.

Locals know how dangerous Highway 20 and County Road 400 is, but what’s the solution?

“Anything that takes place would be an improvement over where we are. We have had quite a few deaths, two just here recently. So yes we would like to see something happen,” said Byrd.

Around two years ago, flashing caution lights were installed to warn drivers of the approaching intersection.

ALDOT research shows drivers failing to yield the right of way from the county road was the most prevalent cause of crashes.

So the county is now planning to install rumble bumps to slow speeds on county road 400. But Lawrence County Commissioner Jesse Byrd says the intersection needs more.

“If we could reduce the speed limit through there, if we placed a caution light, or if we had bypasses for entering the highway,” said Byrd.

These suggestions will be taken to ALDOT, which will ultimately decide what safety upgrades to make.

ALDOT Spokesperson Seth Burkett says,” It appears any reduction in crashes since the additional signage was implemented has been negligible, though crashes do not appear to have risen, despite some increase in traffic.”

Many living in the area have suggested a traffic light. Burkett says that may be just as dangerous.

“I realize a signal seems like an easy answer, but it is not. Signals usually lead to an increase in crashes, and the crashes associated with signals placed in isolated, high-speed locations are often severe, from red-light running and rear-ending on the main highway, both of which are not issues without a signal,” said Burkett.

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