Neighbors recount officer-involved shooting in Priceville

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 6:22 PM CST
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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - After an officer-involved shooting that left one person dead occurred in Priceville on Monday, the Priceville Police Department Chief and another officer were placed on administrative leave.

Bradley Ellison was the resident that was killed in his own backyard during the shooting. Despite living in his home for more than 17 years, it was one of Ellison’s neighbors that didn’t recognize him and called 911.

“I didn’t recognize him because he was under a tree and then when he sat up, the tree hangs low, so really I couldn’t see his face,” Terrance Bowie said.

According to officers who were on the scene, Ellison was carrying a gun. Neighbors said that Ellison was moving throughout the neighborhood before police arrived.

“I went back in the house, and the next thing you know, there were gunshots going off. It sounded crazy,” Bowie said. “Then there were cops pulling up, right in front of my house. They’re jumping out with guns, they’re running through the yard.”

Neighbors described the scene that developed once police arrived and exchanged gunfire with Ellison.

“It sounded like several different caliber rifles, a shotgun and we could hear it going off, boom boom,” Terry Herchenhahn said. “We heard a shotgun. There was a little pause. After that, we here hiding behind their truck, we hid because we didn’t want to catch any stray bullets. After that pause, we heard some more shots and then two final shots, boom, boom.”

The Morgan County Coroner said the autopsy will be completed on Tuesday. Ellison’s funeral is scheduled to be held at Hartselle Heritage.

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