Madison County students begin remote learning Friday

Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 8:53 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - On Friday, all students in the Madison County School System will transition to remote learning. According to the district, a high number of covid-19 cases among staff is hampering their ability to keep schools open in a safe manner.

On Wednesday, the district released a statement that reads: “The well-being of our students and staff is of the utmost importance, and we hope this transition to remote learning will allow time for our family to recover from illness and curb the spread of infection.”

WAFF spoke to a handful of parents about this sudden change and heard mixed reactions.

Ameisha Collins said she understands the ongoing struggles schools are facing. She also said her 7th grade son understands how to take online classes at this point. However, she still believes kids should be learning in a classroom with their peers.

“This should be a temporary thing until we can get over the curve because I think kids really need to be in school with each other,” Collins said. “And I’m not a teacher, I don’t like playing teacher.”

Ashlea Skinner has a first grade daughter in the district and said she’s a bit concerned with the lack of guidance. She said having a two-day notice regarding this change was hard, and can’t imagine how working parents must feel.

“I was there once…I was a working parent,” Skinner said. “So I know how hard it is for working parents when things change like this because they scramble to get child care and making sure that their children are taken care of and stuff like that.”

Skinner also said her daughter thrives being in a classroom among her peers and hopes this change only lasts for a week. Regardless, Skinner is looking on the bright side and keeping a positive mindset for her daughter.

“I am trying to think optimistically. It’s only for a week. Fingers crossed! It’s only for a week,” Skinner said. “And I really think that this does give schools within our county an opportunity to really just get in there, deep clean, make sure that everything is good to go before the students do come back.”

WAFF also spoke to a parent who is an officer on the district’s PTO. She said her child’s school is sending home chrome books and offering Wi-Fi for any children who don’t have it. She also said teachers are offering office hours throughout the day.

According to the district, students will return to the classroom for in-person learning on Monday, Jan. 31.

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