Mother speaks out after pregnant daughter allegedly shot, killed by Huntsville Police Officer

“This monster played God with my child, and that was wrong.”
Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 10:41 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 11, 2022 at 10:34 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - New twists and turns are unfolding behind the case involving a 28-year-old Huntsville Police officer, David McCoy, and his 26-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Courtney Spraggins, who was found dead Friday morning.

Spraggins’ mother, Kimberley Walter says she actually tried to convince her daughter not to go see McCoy on Friday. Walter laid out all the history between Spraggins and McCoy right up to when her daughter’s death.

Courtney Spraggins
Courtney Spraggins(Courtney Spraggins' Family)

“This monster played God with my child and that was wrong,” said Walter.

The two were on and off for two years after connecting on Tinder. Spraggins, already a mother of two lived in North Carolina. Walter says she would go out of her way often to see McCoy when visiting her young children in Georgia.

“After her visitation with her children, on her way back to North Carolina, she would go to Alabama. To spend maybe, I am being facetious here, 5 seconds with this guy. He never spent a lot of time with her,” said Walter.

She says Spraggins and McCoy suffered a miscarriage with their first child, and she was thrilled about having a baby girl. That baby girl’s name was going to be Addison Mae.

“From my understanding, he was not happy about this pregnancy. He took her out to a cornfield. He has his gun on him. He looked at her. Apparently, it was in his truck. She said David what are you doing with that. He says I’m going to kill myself.”

Spraggins was so distressed she went to live with her parents in Maryland. McCoy begged her to come back.

“I saw all the red flags. I was like don’t go,” said Walter.

Spraggins was convinced by McCoy to make the 10-hour trek from her parent’s home to McCoy’s home at Weston Ranch Apartments.

“That was the last text. Daddy, I’m here. That was around 10. He said okay be safe. Around 10:16 my daughter was not on this earth,” said Walter.

Courtney Spraggins
Courtney Spraggins(Courtney Spraggins' Family)

According to our sources, McCoy also has a fiancee.

“Me and her dad had sneaky suspicions he was cheating on her,” said Walter.

Officer McCoy has been placed on Administrative leave and is in the Madison County Jail without bond.

He’s charged with capital murder, but due to Brody’s law, he could face two charges of capital murder according to Attorney, Martin Weinberg.

“I think by law it could be. My understanding now is it is capital because she was pregnant, but there could be a second capital case,” said Weinberg.

Walter tells me they do plan on seeking legal help regarding this situation.

The State Bureau of Investigation is handling this case and is planning to hold a joint news conference with Huntsville Police.

We’ll keep you posted on that and once its investigation is complete, the case will be handed over to the Madison County DA’s office.

The family has a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses. You can find the link here.

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