Union Grove Road repairs estimated at $1.7 million

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 10:17 PM CST
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - The extensive damage to Union Grove Road in Marshall County is a huge topic of discussion in the community, and county commissioners are taking action to get it repaired.

A portion of the road was washed away last week in the storms. An emergency meeting was held on Monday, December 29, to discuss the closure of Union Grove Road.

District 1 County Commissioner Ronnie Shumate said the repairs will cost $1.7 million. Union Grove Road is one of the most heavily traveled roads in Marshall County.

Shumate said many people also drive through the road from Highway 69 to Highway 231, traveling to work from Huntsville and Guntersville.

Tabitha Roberts lives near the intersection and said it has been an inconvenience since the closure.

“One of the main inconveniences is that my parents live right next door to me, so I have to go across the road and circle around to get to their house,” said Roberts.

Last week’s storms caused a portion of the road to wash away on the right of way causing a 50 ft hole, including large metal tiles from 1950.

Which resident Jason Murphree said is concerning.

“I’ve seen the damage myself, and I never thought that this would have happened. I knew there was a creek running there, but the whole side of the bank slid away, and it’s pretty extensive,” said Murphree.

As for Roberts, she said her main concern is safety.

“I just worry now since we have had the snow, if you take driftwood down you can see where people are running off the road because it is a bad road,” said Roberts.

Shumate said repairs could take up to six months to be completed.

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