New Year’s Day storm causes damages in Triana

Published: Jan. 1, 2022 at 9:39 PM CST
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TRIANA, Ala. (WAFF) - Update: Volunteers, utility crews, the mayor of Triana, Mary Caudle, and Madison County Commissioner Steve Haraway have spent hours out here cutting trees, moving debris, and assessing storm damage.

There are homes with some damage, but trees had several roads blocked, and people were unable to leave their homes. WAFF 48 spoke with Steve Haraway about damage in the area of County Line Road and Jolly B Road.

Haraway says all of those trees have been removed and most of the power has been restored. However, there are still people on County Line Road and Jolly B Road who are in the dark tonight.

Crews hope to have power poles back up in a couple of hours. Leaders are going to be out here in these areas for several more days. Those with storm damage debris in Madison County’s District two, crews will be out tomorrow starting at 6 a.m. You are encouraged to place all of the debris in front of your yard. Limbs shouldn’t be longer than 8 feet.

Original: Several crews are surveying reports of storm damage Saturday night in Triana.

According to Mayor Mary Caudle, 280 residents took shelter at the storm shelter on Zierdt Rd. Following the height of the storm, residents dispersed to assess damages. Mayor Caudle confirmed there are currently no injuries reported.

Trees are down across Triana at the time. There is a large tree blocking Zierdt Rd. and Fifth st. The roof of the popular Ebony Club, was blown off; no one was in the club at the time of the storm.

Storm damage reported in Triana on 9th Street
Storm damage reported in Triana on 9th Street(Mayor Mary Caudle)

Motorists are advised to travel with extreme caution. Motorists in the area are also advised not to attempt to drive around or over down trees and power lines or drive through standing water.

75 percent of Triana is currently without power, including Mayor Caudle’s home. Trees, powerlines and other debris blocking roads should be reported to the Triana or Madison County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line.

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