Attorneys speak out after new filing for court hearing for Havoc

Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 7:59 PM CST
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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WAFF) - The fate of Havoc, the pit bull who attacked a woman earlier this fall, is still unknown.

Last month the municipal court of the City of Guntersville found that Havoc, a pit bull owned by Valina Jackson, caused serious physical injuries to Teri Angel. Angel was viciously attacked by Havoc in September.

The court then found that Havoc was deemed a dangerous dog, and Jackson filed an appeal to prevent him from being euthanized. Since then, Havoc has been housed at the Guntersville Animal Hospital until the final court hearing.

On Dec. 14, City of Guntersville prosecutor Kelsey Yoste said she received reports from the hospital of aggressive behavior by Havoc.

“Havoc broke out of his kennel at the Guntersville hospital and attacked another dog, so the city is concerned about the safety of the staff and other animals,” said Yoste.

As a result, prosecutors had previously requested that Havoc be sedated while at the hospital. In court on Wednesday, Yoste withdrew that request. Instead, she recommended he be placed on anxiety medication, which will cost around $20 per day.

Jackson’s Defense Attorney, Sam Bone requested that she have visitation rights, pending the hearing but the judge denied it.

“This is her dog, and she loves him, so she is fighting for her dog’s life, and the government is attempting to kill her dog, and she is trying to keep that from happening,” said Bone.

The judge will submit paperwork to see if the case will go before a judge or jury trial.

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