Life-saving rescue squad in need of community support

The Morgan County Rescue Squad means a whole lot to one Decatur girl who lost her leg along with other injuries in a tragic boating accident.
Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 1:08 PM CST
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MORGAN CO., Ala. (WAFF) - The Morgan County Rescue Squad is there to help during a water emergency, whether it’s a drowning or a boat capsizing, the team gets around 200 calls a year. But now - it needs your help. Funding is low and the donations it relies on are drying up.

Chief Danny Kelso says years back, a bill passed allowing boat owners to donate directly to the squad when registering their boat.

“It’s just another way that the rescue squad is able to have some kind of income coming in,” said Kelso.

But, they have only collected less than $100 in donations.

“There’s technologies coming out every year with better things to help us do our job to help the public,” said Kelso.

And the rescue squad means a whole lot to one Decatur girl. Twelve years ago, Molly Moses was night fishing with her father, when things took a dangerous turn.

“My right foot hooked to the inside of the boat and I landed right outside of it and the boat went in a complete circle and as it did it just mauled me,” said Moses.

That’s when the rescue squad and other agencies came to help before Moses was med-flighted to Huntsville Hospital. Moses even died in the air, but was brought back to life.

“I go into an 18-hour surgery and then they called all my friends and family and told them get everyone here she’s not going to survive it,” said Moses.

But, Moses didn’t stop fighting.

“Every medical book, anything every doctor ever knew, you know, I should have been dead seven minutes after that artery was cut. Somehow I’m still here,” said Moses.

Moses lost her leg along with other injuries, but her positive attitude is contagious. She says the rescue squad deserves all the help it can get, and now, her dad is a member.

“My dad just truly believed that that was one way that he could help give back to so many people that did do so much for us. He puts his heart and soul into that squad and he, it means everything to him and I’m so proud to be just a little bitty part of it,” said Moses.

If you’re a boat owner, you’ll see a section where you can donate to the rescue squad by mail when you renew your tag. You can also donate through the Morgan County Rescue Squad website.

Also, every July there’s a “Miracle Molly” fundraiser in honor of Moses, and all proceeds go to the rescue squad.

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