St. Florian woman loses home in Saturday morning storm

Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 11:14 PM CST
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ST. FLORIAN, Ala. (WAFF) - A St. Florian is recounting the moments she saw her life flash before her eyes when a tree slammed through her home early Saturday morning.

“I thought we were going to die. I thought it was a tornado. I thought the trailer was going to flip and we were going to go with it,” said Katie Heath.

High winds from Saturday morning’s storm left a path of destruction in a St. Florian trailer park and them without a home when a tree came tumbling down trapping them inside.

“My trailer is ripped into two. We couldn’t be in my bedroom because it was still pouring down rain, lighting, the wind was going crazy so we went in my bathroom,” said Heath.

Heath and her daughters only lived in this trailer for two months.

After a few days in a hotel, she was relocated to another trailer Tuesday afternoon, but she’s still having to rebuild.

“Even their Christmas stuff is gone. All of their Christmas stuff was in my closet,” said Heath.

The Red Cross stepped in to help and their has been a fundraiser set up for the family.

She said through it all, she’s thankful for the help and thankful to be alive.

“I’m glad it was just a tree because if it were a tornado, we wouldn’t be here,” said Heath.

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