North Alabama Medical Center opens new cancer treatment center

Published: Dec. 9, 2021 at 7:04 PM CST
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FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - North Alabama Medical Center has a new state-of-the-art cancer center.

When people walk through these doors they are dealing with some of the toughest moments in life: battling cancer.

“I have been in awe with the bravery of my patients going through that process,” said Oncologist. Vic Liengswangwong.

While his patients fight cancer, Oncologist Dr. Vic believes it’s important for patients to be close to friends and family.

One reason why North Alabama Medical Center’s new cancer center’s motto is “High-Quality Care Close To Home,” which is important since cancer has been the second leading cause of death in Alabama since 1966 according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

“Cancer takes a toll on every aspect of life. Both physically, mentally, and spiritually so having them be among friends and family is going to be very important,” said Liengswangwong.

There have been 30 thousand estimated new cancer cases across the state of Alabama

In Lauderdale County, the average annual count of cancer cases is 527.

One of their state-of-the-art machines added to their cancer-fighting toolkit is a linear accelerator, a machine that is utilized to treat cancer by generating high-energy x-rays or electrons.

“The precession and accuracy of radiation treatment delivery and the planning, they are so dependent on the technology that you have. The technology that we have here will allow us to offer the full spectrum of radiation treatment to the patient,” said Liengswangwong.

These advances allow patients to be treated faster and with more certainty that the radiation is always targeting cancer.

“As a physician and radiation oncologist, to be a part of patients care like this in a facility that allows us to not only offer them stand care but the cutting edge, top-notch care, is very meaningful to me,” said Liengswangwong.

Beyond having radiation and medical oncology in one building, they also offer more services like surgery, supportive care, and physical therapy to help their patients.

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