Kitchen Cops hit frequent trouble spots with more low scores

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 4:13 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The string of low health department scores at Bridge Street restaurants continues this week. This time, it’s BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse feeling the wrath of the inspectors. It scored a shockingly low 60. This comes just 6 weeks after scoring an 82. On an inspection dated November 19th, inspectors noted gnats and roaches in the kitchen and bar areas. There was also a problem with hot water in the building - the highest recorded temperature was 82 degrees. Mold was seen on fruit, and several dirty dishes and utensils were mixed in with clean ones. The inspection also noted an employee cutting raw fish, then cutting fruit minutes later without changing gloves or washing hands.

The lowest score in Madison County belongs to another restaurant we’ve featured multiple times in recent months: The New China Grill & Buffet on Jordan Lane. In July, it was hit with a 61. In September, it scored a 74. This time, it gets it’s lowest score of 2021 with a 56. Like BJ’s, New China was also written up for having dirty plates and utensils mixed in with clean ones. There was also an issue with workers not sanitizing dishes after hand washing them, touching ready to eat food with bare hands, along with undated foods in the cooler.

Another frequent flyer on the Kitchen Cops trouble spots list is the Three Amigos on Drake Avenue. It scored a 78 this week, which is a big improvement over it’s 58 score in October that resulted in a temporary closure. This time, Three Amigos was written up for rat feces and flies in the kitchen, and missing dates on chicken and sauces in the cooler.


No problematic inspections this week in Colbert County


There are a handful of spots to let you know about in Lauderdale County this week. The lowest score can be found at the Golden Corral on Cox Creek Parkway. It was given a 76 due to food temperature problems and hot water failing to meet minimum requirements at several sinks. Elsewhere, the Fiesta Mexicana #1 on Cloverdale Road had food temperature issues and no chlorine in it’s dishwasher. It was scored an 85. The restaurant was given a couple of days to fix the problems, but failed. The health department issued a warning the the business license would be suspended soon if these aren’t fixed. Dick Howell’s Barbeque Pit was given an 85 because of broken storage containers which could lead to contamination and an employee touching food barehanded.


Mike’s Food Mart on Highway 72 and Lindsay Lane was hit with a 77 due to no soap in the restroom, food temperature issues, roaches in the kitchen and loose wires on a grease skimmer.

The First and Last Stop on Highway 12 was closed on November 16th due to no hot water in the building. It was allowed to reopen two days later. there was also roaches found in the kitchen. It ended up with a score of 89.

Cork and Crust Pizzeria on County Line Road earned an 84 due to flies and gnats in the kitchen and food debris found on plates and pans in clean storage.


No problematic inspections this week in Morgan County.

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