Decatur church feeds healthcare workers amid giving season

Published: Nov. 28, 2021 at 7:17 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - God’s Love Covenant Church in Decatur says ‘thank you’ to healthcare workers for all they do in the community. Volunteers from the church came together to feed staff at several hospitals in the city.

“They are working tirelessly through this thanksgiving weekend so we wanted to come over here and show them how much we appreciate them for what they are doing,” said Pastor, Carl Willingham.

God’s Love Covenant Church steps outside the walls of its church once a month to make a difference in the lives of community members.

“It says go ye therefore, so we make it a habit to step outside of the four walls,” said Pastor, Regina Willingham.

Willingham says it was an easy choice to feed our healthcare workers.

“They are on the frontline. They don’t get to stop they don’t get to slow down. They don’t get... they are separated from their family. They are tired. They are shorthanded,” said Willingham.

Willingham says the meal was funded by the church’s tithe and weekly offerings.

“We are feeding Decatur-Morgan, Parkway City, and Decatur General West. So a total of 250 of course we brought enough to feed 200,” said Willingham.

Emergency Room Tech Kaylea Morris says the staff is grateful for the acknowledgment of the hospital’s hard works.

“We just work so hard for the past two months and we are so grateful for the food they brought us today,” said Morris.

Morris says it’s two different entities coming together to take care of one another so they can continue to serve the community.

“They are constantly doing things for us and we are so grateful for it. They work hard. We work hard,” said Morris.

If you would like to help God’s Love Covenant Church with their monthly service you can find the link to their website here,

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