Child care facilities can apply for grant to pay employees bonus of up to $1,500

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 10:27 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - For many parents getting back to work would not have been possible if they didn’t have a place to take their children.

We learned this week, the state is using some of its American Rescue Plan Dollars to say thank you to the child care workers who helped make that possible.

This newest grant program from the Alabama Department of Human Resources will pay up to eight $1,500 checks quarterly to full-time child care workers.

Part-time workers will get half of that.

This is the third grant program offered to child care workers in Alabama since the pandemic.

The representative for First Baptist Church in Huntsville we talked to tells us this money is so deserved for these workers who aren’t thanked enough.

“Especially our full-time staff, they’re breadwinners for their families, many of them, so this is just going to make all the difference in the world to them,” Kristin Prasad said.

Kristin Prasad, the minister for kids and families at First Baptist Church says their 40 employees have gone through a lot the last two year, and had to close down for a few months due to the pandemic.

“We’ve had to cut back hours at different times, but overall our teachers have just been super. They’ve been accommodating. They’ve worked really hard,” she said.

Any child care provider who has been licensed since March 11, 2021, can apply for The Child Care Workforce Stabilization Grants.

The money will go straight to their part-time and full-time workers and they can spend it as they choose.

Sarah Labosier brings her two children to First Baptist Church’s preschool.

“They probably raise my babies better than I could. They’re great they make it possible for my husband and I both to work outside the house,” Labosier said.

She added that these workers are very well deserving.

“I think good daycare workers are worth their weight in goal. They provide an enormous benefit to society and they are really the unsung heroes of raising children,” she said.

The application officially opens next Monday, November 29.

Child care facilities could receive the funds as soon as December 17.

Click here for more details on the application process.

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