Goose Pond residents raise concerns about rezoning for new housing development

Published: Nov. 2, 2021 at 11:20 PM CDT
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - More homes could be coming to the Goose Pond area in Scottsboro, thanks to potential rezoning changes.

But some current residents are not happy about it.

For the past year, Donna A. Long has lived in the Goose Pond area in Scottsboro.

“The reason we moved here is because the Goose Pond area we live in, which is the Peninsula, Ski Cove, Promenade, and The Oaks are all protected with zoning and regulations that protect the size of homes and the type of homes,” said Long.

Recently, SSG Development company out of Tennessee and North Carolina approached the city about changing residential R1 and R5 zoning to P2, which can include rentals, townhomes, and other commercial properties.

“This is going to improve and increase property values and we will never support something that will decrease property values because everyone loses,” said Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy.

Long said right now, the homes range from $700,00 to $1 million and are afraid the new developments will decrease her home value.

She said dangerous road conditions with the new construction are also a major concern.

“One of the problems, if he does 600 to 800 homes which you saw coming in, is a narrow, curvy road, so people trying to get around the construction, vehicles let alone with all of the traffic created will be very dangerous,” said Long.

Meanwhile, with the housing crisis, Mayor McCamy said this is the perfect time to move forward with the new zoning development, further helping economic growth.

“We’ve got a large retail development that is in process, some others that are coming, and this is exactly what we were looking at to draw other residents that are looking for tourism and recreation,” said McCamy.

A planning commission meeting was held on Tuesday, at the city hall at 5 p.m.; for residents with any comments or concerns.

The planning commission voted against the P2 zoning a 6-3 vote.

Now, the City Council will discuss the rezoning plan during their work session meeting on November 15.

Developers also made changes to the plan and removed 70 townhomes, and will conduct a traffic study to help with concerns.

Residents can pick up a copy of the new revised development at City Hall on Tuesday, November 9.

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