Unvaccinated workers at ULA asked not to come back to work after October 29, source tells WAFF

Published: Oct. 29, 2021 at 8:33 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - As of 3:30 Friday, federal contractors with United Launch Alliance in Decatur who have not received their first COVID shot, have their resignation pending. This is according to a former ULA contractor.

A former contractor tells WAFF he believes at least 40 people are being asked not to return to...
A former contractor tells WAFF he believes at least 40 people are being asked not to return to work.(WAFF)

Hunter Creger, the main organizer for these protests, tells us he was suspended earlier in the week.

He tells WAFF, around 40 of his colleagues who hadn’t gotten the shot now have pending resignations.

He shared a voicemail with us from ULA, which says employees who aren’t vaccinated by October 29 are suspended pending their resignation and asked not to return to work. You can hear that voicemail here.

That amounts to decades of experience on the way out the door at United Launch Alliance in Decatur.

A company representative tells WAFF, close of business Friday was the deadline to receive the first shot. That reality had dozens of workers protesting all week, including the final hours of Friday.

Hunter Creger says he will not get the vaccine, since it’s against his religious beliefs as a catholic. His co-worker, Jeremy Hale says he wouldn’t have gotten it, if he didn’t have a wife and three children.

“Everybody has to make a choice and I had to make that choice to feed my family,” Hale said.

A choice Hale says no one should be faced to make.

“It’s not something I wanted to do, it’s against my will. I filed a religious exemption, it was denied. They left me no option,” Hale explained.

Friday we spoke with Senator Arthur Orr who tells us seven bills were filed in the state senate on Thursday that have to do with the vaccine. One of his bills, Senate Bill 13, would prohibit the discrimination of a worker based on their vaccination status.

Hale says he’s glad to hear this news, but wishes legislation would have been brought to the table sooner.

“It’s sad to see that this is what it comes down to and for some people like me it’s a little too late,” Hale said.

Creger says he believes he was already suspended because he organized the protests. He hopes their efforts and time spent will make a difference.

“I hope that people realize that their voice means something and all they have to do is use it,” Creger said.

Creger applauds his former coworkers who are unvaccinated who plan on showing up to work Monday.

“These people aren’t resigning. I think it’s important that they come here and make it clear that they have full intention to show up for work just like they have for years,” he explained.

Senator Orr tells me he expects these bills to be discussed in the special session on Monday.

As for United Launch Alliance, you can read their statement on the mandate here.

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