Worker protest at Wayne Farms

Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 3:47 PM CDT
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - More than 50 employees from the first shift at the Wayne Farms plant filled the parking lot on Monday in Albertville.

They were upset over pay and working conditions, and they took their concerns to company leaders. Izavela Jose has worked at Wayne Farms for the last ten years.

She said that first shift workers are paid less than other shifts and have to pick up extra weekend shifts.

She also said their shifts are a little longer, about 20 minutes, and she said the processing lines have sped up. That means employees are working faster, the workload is tough, and that they’re worried about the strain on their bodies.

The big thing though is pay; she said $15 isn’t enough.

“We are working double jobs because the second shift is not running as they should. So we are doing second jobs, and everybody wants a raise, and we just want to be treated equally and like everybody else in the poultry,” said Jose.

WAFF 48 reached out to Wayne Farms and received this statement:

“The labor shortage has impacted WF like every other business, and we’ve had to schedule some overtime and weekend shifts as a result, in order to keep our plant running and our customers happy. Everyone is back to work now, and we’re working with our employees and their union representatives to resolve future scheduling issues to accommodate their needs and still meet the requirements of our customers.”

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