Mother of Decatur 4-year-old killed in Chicago speaks out

“I want the full force of the nation behind me but I definitely want our home state of Alabama to stand up and share and be there and be his voice,”
Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 7:48 PM CDT
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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - The mother of the 4-year-old Decatur boy shot and killed in Chicago while visiting family this month wants justice. Mychal Moultry Jr. or “MJ” was shot twice in the head through a window while getting his hair braided.

MJ’s mother Angela Gregg says her son was a light in so many lives. They lived in Decatur but, Gregg has been in Chicago almost every single day since MJ’s murder working closely with the city and the state to get justice for her little boy. So far, there are no leads.

“MJ was a brilliant kid he was very intelligent. I believe that MJ was the future. He definitely had a bright future ahead of him, and he was just a lively kid and he was everything,” said Gregg.

MJ would have been a preschooler at Chestnut Grove Elementary School this year. He liked to play at Delano Park and loved Lightning McQueen. Gregg was out getting MJ a snack when he was getting his hair done.

When she pulled in the parking lot, she heard multiple gunshots. The beautician called her and said MJ had been hurt, and that’s when she went inside.

“I saw everything. I saw everything and then they put my baby in the ambulance,” said Gregg.

Gregg says before this, she never saw any criminal activity in the neighborhood where MJ was killed. She says she always saw families. After her son was killed, Gregg says she learned that many other children had been victims of gun violence in Chicago this year.

“Until this happened to MJ, I was unaware of what is going on to the children of the city of Chicago and it is terrifying. Not only terrifying it is devastating,” said Gregg.

Gregg has been tirelessly working with city and state leaders to get justice for her son. She wants all the pressure on MJ’s killers and wants you to help and to always share MJ’s story.

“I want the full force of the nation behind me but I definitely want our home state of Alabama to stand up and share and be there and be his voice, be his voice for me,” said Gregg.

MJ was Gregg’s only son. Gregg says MJ’s killers took her son’s, but she will always be his mom. She says the murderers changed her life within seconds.

“You’ve taken everything from me and I am gonna seek you out and I’m coming for you and I’m not going to stop,” said Gregg.

Gregg is fighting for new legislation to protect children and harsher punishments for those who kill children.

Gregg wrote three open letters after her son’s death:

To the mothers:

With the heavy heart of a Mother, I write this letter to all of the mothers of the world that are in mourning, specifically, to the mothers who have had their children murdered. To the mothers whose children died a violent, preventable death, I am with you. To lose your child, in any capacity, is devastating. The natural order is NOT to have to bury your own child. We, mourning mothers, know grief and pain, in our souls, which can never be refilled. I felt that pain on September 5th, 2021 when my 4-year-old baby boy passed away from two bullets wounds to the head. I feel for all that have lost and only want to send my love your way.

My sweet baby boy (like too many before him) was not committing a crime or preparing to hurt anyone. He was bonding with his father at a friend’s house. All I can think is that We must NOT let our children`s death go gently into that good night. We must rage, rage against the dying light. The “light” that we must fight for is our children. Their memories must live on. Help me honor the light they shined on this earth by promoting justice for those who have escaped punishment for their evil, evil acts against the most vulnerable. There are too many of us that have gone through the same thing not to have affected change for each other. Our community too often elicits strong emotion after these horrific occurrences, to only let it fade into normalcy. As mayor Lightfoot commented last September 18th. “We cannot normalize this behavior.” Well, it has sadly only grown more normalized with no tangible action directed toward the children of this city. Join me in gathering signatures to garner support and justice for our children. More details to come.

To the leaders of Chicago:

If there is one cause you can all get behind, that is to fight for justice in the cases of children being murdered. Supporting the federal judges that hand out life sentences for anyone who kills children. Specific units dedicated to hunting down the murderers of our children. We who live in the city are ready to see justice served in the areas you represent; while you in leadership figure out how to slow gun violence on the front end? Put your name behind something that can bring pride back to the city. Chicago needs specific support concerning children after death. We the people trust YOU to advocate, protect and fight for us. This is the time to put tangible actions in place, uniquely concerning the most innocent of us all. When children are shot in the head for no reason at all, it leaves the world unbalanced. Our elected officials are here to right that wrong and bring balance to chaos. We mothers/fathers/grandparents and siblings need to believe in you. So put pen to paper and leave the rhetoric behind. We must do something different. The same killers who are not caught, will kill kill kill again. We must force these degenerates into a corner with aggressive pursuit by utilizing and properly activating the 16.5 million dollars earmarked for “violence prevention and reduction” and or the 1.7 billion allocated to the “Police Department” in 2021. These funds should be used to track down those individuals that make our city one of the most dangerous in the nation. Why spend money to partially plug a leak vs spending some of that money to also help those hurt by the leak. Stand with the families in your constituency to support and facilitate investigations, arrests, convictions, and life sentences. Child murders are up 21% this year. More children have been the victims of gun violence in Chicago this year than have died from COVID-19 across the entire country. Who is fighting for that grieving family`s justice? It should be everyone.

To the City of Chicago:

We mothers of slain children are aware of a certain unspoken code in the busy streets of Chicago. But the code SHOULD NOT STAND in the case of child killings. There should be no protection of such crimes- NO PROTECTIONS. I am not the mother who will be forgiving the shooters. Those ignorant and lost souls should be haunted by the memory and suffer the heavy and painful burden that comes with their evil decisions. On September 3rd at 8:45 pm on 65th and Ellis is when/where my beautiful and intelligent baby boy Mychal Moultry Jr. was shot twice in the head. My son fought for his life for 2 days; but he did pass away like so many precious souls before him. Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor represents that area. $9000.00 leading to the arrest of my babies’ killers. 9,000 dollars to do the right thing. Come forward and come forward now. Let us rid our streets of those who would kill your child in front of you. 280+ children have been shot so far this year and it’s climbing. We don`t need those types of hooligans in our neighborhoods. HELP HELP HELP- not just for my son but for all sons and all daughters. They deserve better and we deserve better too.”

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