Murder victim mom and sister speak out about defendant dying from ATV wreck injuries

Published: Sep. 19, 2021 at 1:27 PM CDT
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MOULTON, Ala. (WAFF) - A Lawrence County murder victim’s family won’t have their day in court, because the man on trial, has died in an off-road vehicle accident.

KC Lynn Hatfield’s mother and sister talked about the death of her accused killer Jeffrey Dylan Spillers.

KC’s mother and sister said Spillers accident was actually on the day of KC’s birthday. In fact, just ten minutes after they released balloons at her gravesite, that’s when spillers got into his accident.

Paula Davis said it was like a strange twist of fate or even karma.

“I wanted him to be judged here also but I feel God had already judged him,” said Paula Davis.

She’s talking about the man who’s accused of murdering her daughter, KC Lynn Hatfield almost a year ago on October 9th.

“I still wait on a phone call early in the morning to bring her favorite energy drink. I still wait for her to come every Sunday and watch the walking dead with me,” said KC’s sister, Crystal Garner.

On August 14th, Spillers, her accused murderer, was severely injured in an ATV accident in Winston County and was taken to UAB Hospital where he died ten days ago, on September 8th.

Spillers, was out on bond when the accident happened.

“There was still a fear of my grandson seeing him or contact,” said Davis.

Even though he will not get his day in court, KC’s mom said they have some kind of peace of mind.

“I do feel better because I feel like justice has been served we don’t have to wait no more and we can move on,” said Davis.

Moving forward, their main focus is on KC’s six-year-old son, Kingston.

“Raise him the way he wanted to him to be raised,” said Davis.

And forgiveness.

“If you have hate there you can’t let love in so I’ve been really trying to forgive,” said Davis.

They also said that they are sending their condolences to Spillers family but are glad justice has been served in some kind of way.

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