Madison County Commission approves spending of American Rescue Plan dollars

Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 10:39 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -First responders, county employees, and some local organizations will get a boost from federal COVID-19 relief money in Madison County.

County commissioners passed a budget allocating $36 million

Full-time county employees will get a $5,000 bonus. Part time employees will get $1,000.

HEMSI, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and Wellstone’s new mental health facility are all getting a share of the pie, too.

All commissioners agreed on the budget, except one. Commissioner Violet Edwards did not vote.

She said there was not enough time for people to submit input on a public portal.

It was only open for two days before the budget was approved.

Some agree, saying the vote wasn’t fair.

“We just feel like there are others, like Girls Inc. like the mobile unit at Alabama A&M University that could certainly benefit more and actually do more work in communities where the need is greater,” says David Person, spokesperson for the Rosa Parks Day Committee.

County commission chairman Dale Strong agreed there are many groups that need help, but the approved list is a good start.

Here’s the full list of allocations:

Hudson Alpha: $3 million

U.S. Space and Rocket Center: $1 million

Huntsville Botanical Gardens: $1 million

Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development: $1 million

Singing River Trial: $250,000

Two point five million dollars to replace tornado warning sirens in the county

Emergency Management Agency: $250,000 to renovate emergency operations center

Wellstone mental health facility: $1 million

Safe drinking water initiative: $1.5 million

Madison County Sheriff’s Department: $4 million (30 new vehicles, renovation money for 911 center, money for ballistic vests, tazers, to build new range for training, and money for mental illness training)

Rural fire protection: $2 million

New garbage trucks $2.8 million (7 new garbage trucks)

HEMSI: $375,000

Huntsville Madison County Rescue Squad: $250,000

Burritt on the Mountain: $250,000

Triana boat launch upgrades: $100,000

Flint River safety marking upgrades: $25,000

Law enforcement technology: $1.6 million

Huntsville Museum of Art: $250,000

KTECH Job training: $50,000

Sewer lines: $300,000

Madison County nature trail: $150,000 for bridge repairs

Madison County District Attorney’s Office: $500,000

Fantasy Play House: $500,000

Mental health drug core screening: $60,000

Ankle monitors: $10,000

Ditto Landing: $150,000

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