Helen Keller Hospital hiring ICU nurses

Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 6:54 PM CDT
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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - COVID is putting hospitals and healthcare workers in tough spots.

It’s the perfect storm.

There are no ICU beds left at Helen Keller Hospital and nurses have been pushed to their limit.

“We have a lot of nurses who are leaving just because they are burnt out of nursing. Some of them are getting out of it altogether, but we’re also competing with travel agencies that are offering really lucrative packages to have nurses to come and travel with them and it’s almost impossible for nurses to compete with that,” said VP of Patient Services, Sherry Sands.

But the hospital, and its patients, need nurses.

Right now, they are looking to hire 25 ICU nurses.

Filling those openings is a tall order though.

“It makes hiring really difficult because the nurses you are trying to get into your ICU are your more experienced nurses with hopefully some ICU experience and they know what’s going on. They’ve been working in hospitals. They know we’re in a pandemic, but we’re just hoping to capture them and have them come work with us,” said Sands.

Helen Keller is offering incentives, like sign-on bonuses.

But, leaders there are also hoping to find nurses who want to settle down.

“This will end at some point, we hope but there is a reason that we all got into nursing and for the most part its a lot of more than just the money involved. Any nurse knows it’s typically not about the money and the short-term, lucrative offers that people are getting, they are just that, they are short-term and they aren’t going to be there forever. So I would just encourage them to find a home hospital that will welcome them and take care of them and someplace that they want to land permanently,” said Sands.

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