$45 million plans to improve road in Madison County

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 7:53 PM CDT
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MADISON CO., Ala. (WAFF) - $45 million! That’s the estimated price tag to widen Little Cove Road.

It’s near McMullen Cove, and it will connect Old Highway 431 and Highway 72. Little Cove Road currently has two lanes, County Commissioners want to make it five lanes.

In order for the project to be complete, it will take teamwork with different agencies.

“Madison County, the state of Alabama, and the city of Huntsville are having conversations currently on extending the Eastern Bypass to connect 431 and Highway 72,” said Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill.

Every day, hundreds of vehicles travel on Little Cove Road.

WAFF talked to drivers who say the road is dangerous, and they’re glad to see county leaders coming up with a plan.

“My husband and I were both in an accident on the small bridges off Little Cove Road. It’s not a nice feeling for a tractor-trailer to take your rearview mirror off of your car, as your going across. Five-lane roads would be great, for folks to just be able to get to where they need to be,” said Karen Campbell.

County Commissioners say $45 million is a lot of money, but with all of the new growth and construction near Little Cove Road, it will be money well spent.

“Everyone knows how Huntsville and Madison County are growing daily. We know that these travel routes need to be improved. This is a project we need to get ahead of, instead of waiting until we have a road that won’t handle our traffic,” said Hill.

Hill says the project won’t just help people in nearby neighborhoods.

“If it can connect 431 and Highway 72, it will give people an alternate route into and out of Huntsville for work and travel. So, the price tag is big, but we know that the connector that will connect those two highways, it will be worth it,” said Hill.

It’s important to know that if this plan gets the green light, the commission will not be the only ones paying for it.

It’s a project with the city of Huntsville and the State.

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