Woman of alleged Daikin chemical exposure passes away

“With Daikin, it’s about the money. It’s not about anyone’s safety. That’s why people keep dying there,”
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 11:24 AM CDT
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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - A woman who claimed she was exposed to chemical exposure at the Daikin-America Decatur plant has passed away, according to family members.

Darby Dockery has died from COVID-19 pneumonia, her family confirmed to us. Dockery was recently admitted to Crestwood Hospital and was put in a medically-induced coma for more than a week. Sometime later, her kidneys began to fail.

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A lawsuit was filed for Dockery against Daikin in 2020. It states how she was exposed to chemicals on the job as a result of Daikin’s lack of regard for safety and caused her permanent injuries. Her husband is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit because he claims his wife’s injuries have caused emotional distress and loss of income.

Dockery previously said that with or without a lung transplant, she had maybe five years to live if she was lucky, all due to permanent lung injuries she got from chemical exposure at Daikin. She was on on oxygen for the rest of her life. Now, Dockery leaves behind her husband. three children, and won’t be there for her trial against the company that she claimed, caused this.

Now, after her death, the lawsuit will turn into a wrongful death lawsuit in addition to the injury and suffering lawsuit.

”With Daikin, it’s about the money. It’s not about anyone’s safety. That’s why people keep dying there,” said Ferguson.

Although Dockery won’t be there for her trial, Ferguson says she gave a deposition for an entire day last month, so her voice will still be heard.

“We knew that there was a chance she wouldn’t be there, we had talked about this, and that’s why we’re glad we got the deposition done. We have her on record, of everything she’s been through. We have a lot of witnesses. We have witnesses coming forward everyday who have worked there, who are supplying information about how bad it was at Daikin, the negligence and recklessness there were with their safety,” said Ferguson.

Peter Lewis was working at Daikin with Dockery during the 2019 incident and died nine weeks later. His wife Mary Lewis says she hopes this will result in a safer work environment at Daikin and that Dockery’s family gets what they deserve.

“I know it’s gonna be hard for her husband because it’s hard for me everyday trying to take care of my family without Peter, so I know it’s gonna be hard for him raising them girls, so I really hope the kids get what they need,” said Lewis.

Ferguson says it’s important to get justice for the families involved, and important for Daikin to know that people’s lives are more important than their profit.

“People that do safety there have to do their job instead of worrying about how much money they’re going to make,” said Ferguson.

The next step for her family is to file probate and get an administrator over her estate.

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