Town leaders working to grow Hammondville

Growth for the town all begins with a flag
Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 5:16 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - In DeKalb County, the town of Hammondville is looking to get bigger and better. Now, leaders say one thing is missing: a way to show town spirit with a flag.

Hammmondville has an entirely new council. The council says it wants the town to grow. Leaders say it all starts with a brand new town flag. First-time council members Felicia Harrison, Trey Moore and Tammy Brown along with City Clerk Kim Johnson are leading the charge. They say this is part of an effort to make Hammondville unique and separate itself from other towns along I-59.

Some of the council members say the census is counting Hammondville residents towards Valley Head’s population. But that’s a fight for another day. Right now, the focus is on growing and they say they’re going to start small.

“When you think about the town and community growth, you think big ideas first and for us,” said Seat 1 Councilmember Trey Moore. “That means restaurants, trying to get something here other than just what we got. And, I think we get caught up, when you’re always trying to hit the home run you lose sight of the small stuff.”

They held a competition, they wanted their community to create the town flag.

After a long process, Hammondville unveiled its official flag.

They were councilmembers were supposed to choose the new flag in November 2021 but they didn’t end up making the call until March 2022.

They did vote on the flag at the end of 2021 but they started to withdraw votes, saying the process was too rushed.

Moore says council members didn’t read the fine print and voted without reading the flag’s description, and the meaning behind the design.

They demanded a revote and delayed the process several months.

“When my phone was blowing up, I think everybody got into the shared email and was able to see the flag that maybe didn’t catch their vote but then they got to read underneath it and the more they read, they connected with a certain color on an image with some kind of backstory about the town itself,” said Moore.

The winning design was created by local artist, Sam Fussell. Moore says he normally paints but he switched gears to make a beautiful flag for his hometown.

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