Huntsville City Council approves 2022 fiscal year budget

Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 11:32 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Update: The decision of where your tax dollars will be spent got the stamp of approval from Huntsville city leaders

One major change that is important to note from the original proposal was a 2 million dollar increase for capital projects.

This is due to council members Bill Kling and Frances Akridge pushing for more funding for sidewalks and road resurfacing.

There is a 23 percent increase in funding for infrastructure improvements this upcoming fiscal year.

Other highlights, city employees will receive a 3 percentCOLA. That will go into effect on October 4th.

“Everybody came through and brought their ideas. Things got shifted around and tonight we have a document that is a very good blueprint for the upcoming fiscal year. I do like the way we do not always agree among ourselves, but“I like the way everybody came together. I think we have a very good budget document,” said councilman Kling,

You can view the full budget here.

Original: Huntsville City leaders are discussing where your tax dollars should be spent. Mayor Tommy Battle is proposing a 245 million dollar General Fund Budget for the city of Huntsville.

Mayor Battle said there was a four percent increase in spending during the current 2021 fiscal year. He says this budget proposal reflects the need for services and amenities while remaining responsible with city money.

The proposed budget will increase public safety, road maintenance, and mental health resources.

Some of the highlights include: funding for construction of the new City Hall which is projected to cost 60 million dollars, over 16 million dollars for road and street maintenance, and one million for city schools administration buildings.

The proposed budget also includes funding for a new fire station in west Huntsville, which city leaders say is necessary due to the increased population in the area. The budget also includes funding for nearly 50 new first responders.

Lastly, the sanitation budget will move from the general budget to an enterprise budget. This will allow better tracking and response so large piles of trash do not end up on the street.

“This budget is a 250 million dollar operating budget. It increases spending for public safety, mental health care, parks and recreation, and a 3 percent cost of living raise for City employees,” said Battle.”

“This is done as part of an addition to the step raises that each employee will have. All but 6 employees will receive a step raise, those 6 are topped out.”

This budget is not a done deal. Council members will hold a work session next Thursday to review in greater detail. Then, a final vote is expected at the next city council meeting in two weeks.

You can review the full proposed budget here.

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