FBI issues national cyber security threat warning

Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 11:37 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - As you gear up for the holiday weekend, officials are sending out a reminder that hackers are doing the same.

The FBI is warning of potential cyber security attacks this weekend.

Family, food and fun all tend to go hand in hand on a holiday weekend, But national and local security experts say all these distractions make you or your business a prime target.

“We get busy, we’re celebrating with our family members, we’re off doing fun things, so from that perspective everybody is a little less attentive/ this is an opportunity to catch somebody when they’re off guard,” Scott McDaniel said.

Scott McDaniel is the CEO of Simple Helix. He suggests people and business owners do these things to be proactive:

Be cautious when you check your email, don’t click untrusted links, make sure your anti virus software is up to date and finally, business owners be sure to have your data safely backed up.

“Instead of paying the ransom to get the key that unlocks those files, we just go to yesterday’s back up and restore them,” he explained.

A local technology director for the government contractor company Canvas Inc. says it’s the smart move regardless.

“It’s not if, but when. so you need to minimize your risk surface so if something does happen, they’re not getting away with everything,” Joshua Reinoehl said.

He added, companies can easily spend $200,000 on cyber protection.

“When you’re talking to someone who’s focused on the money, yes, they’re going to be scared off, at least to an extent. The other side of it is, there are known, prevalent constant attacks.”

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