UNA football to host season opener, provide housing for opponent team in wake of Hurricane Ida

Beyond playing the game on the field, they are also helping off the field.
Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 8:54 PM CDT
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FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - The University of North Alabama will play its first football game of the season at home this weekend.

Southeastern Louisiana was supposed to host the game, but Hurricane Ida had other plans. This story goes far beyond just football.

“Our role has just been supportive. Obviously, football and the game is great and we’re excited to play that small part in that normalcy but really we’ve just been reacting to the situations they have and trying to help them find solutions locally to help them have the best experience for their student-athletes,” said UNA’s athletic director, Dr. Joshua Looney.

University of North Alabama’s first game was supposed to be in Hammond, Louisiana.

However, Hurricane Ida left the city in its destructive wake. That’s not stopping the two teams from playing on Saturday though.

“We found a path there. Everything from our buses here going down to get them. They left yesterday and enter Louisiana and bring Southeastern Louisiana to Florence,” said Looney.

The two teams will now suit up and play in Florence on Saturday.

But beyond playing the game on the field, they are also helping off the field.

“It actually evolved beyond the game. They will actually relocate and stay in Florence throughout the next week before they go and play Louisiana Tech,” said Looney.

All of the proceeds from the game will go back to the team.

“We’re excited to donate the proceeds from the game back to Southeastern Louisiana and help them as they’ll have a lot of rebuilding and a lot of expenses that are attached to their relocation plans,” said Looney.

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