Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Program Managers begging for staffing help

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 11:18 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Some Huntsville City Schools employees say they are just plain fed up and are threatening to even walk off the job. They say they’re being overworked for too little pay and took those concerns directly to district leadership.

Child Nutrition Program Managers with Huntsville City Schools say the pandemic is not to blame here because they’ve been promised more help is on the way for years. They say school leaders don’t understand how important their jobs truly are.

”We all just want to be equal in this. Treat us like we are equal and not in the back. They think we are just serving the food. We are feeding their brain,” said one manager.

However, these women say they are overworked and most of all, underpaid.

They say they have finally had enough. They gathered outside the Annie C. Merts building with demands. Chanell Holt and other managers say if help is not provided, they will walk out.

“We barely have enough energy to feed for breakfast and lunch. Now we have a supper program and we have a snack program, but we have no more people,” said Holt.

Managers have paperwork to complete, the cafeteria to pick up after each meal, and they say they can’t take breaks or they will fall behind.

They say teachers are getting compensated for extra hours worked but the cafeteria staff is suffering in the background.

Huntsville City Schools spokesperson, Craig Williams sent WAFF the following statement:

“HCS is aware of the concerns expressed among some members of the Child Nutrition Program Department. HCS will continue to meet with employees, engage in dialogue, and develop a plan in an effort to resolve these issues.”

Holt says they love their jobs and care for the kids, but they can’t take any more.

“At the end of the day, we don’t want to leave our jobs. We love what we do. We love the children. We just want help. Period,” said Holt.

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