Red Cross of North Alabama helping flood victims in Tennessee

Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 8:44 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Search and rescue efforts are still underway in Tennessee after this past weekend’s deadly flooding.

The devastating flooding is just a couple of hours away from where we are in the Valley.

According to reports, 17 inches of rain fell in less than a 24-hour window. Homes are destroyed, cars are ruined, and volunteers with the Red Cross have boots on the ground.

“Five shelters have been set up to assist those that need homes. We had 93 people in shelters on Sunday night. I haven’t gotten the numbers from last night,” said Red Cross Executive Director Khris Anderson.

Whenever disasters strike, members of the Red Cross are some of the first people to show up willing to help.

The North Alabama Executive Director Khris Anderson, says floods are the hardest catastrophes to deal with.

“We have to wait for the floodwaters to go down which makes the process, it makes recovery a much longer process,” said Anderson.

Volunteers are helping people impacted by the historic and deadly flooding in several ways. Not only are they going door to door, conducting welfare checks, but they also have a center, where people in Tennessee can go to get information about their loved ones.

There are still some people missing as a result of the flood.

“We really work hard to make sure we can reunite families, in case they’ve been displaced or can’t find each other,” said Anderson.

If you want to help the Red Cross, I’m told the best way you can give back is by making a monetary donation on their website:

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