Former Sergeant First Class in Army reflects on time in Afghanistan

Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 6:47 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Taliban is quickly taking over control of Afghanistan after U.S. troops left the country. A countless number of American soldiers have spent time in Afghanistan over the last two decades.

Former Sergeant First Class in the Army, Brian Lamar, was deployed to Afghanistan four times. He says he saw a tangible benefit from the U.S. helping the country begin to recover from the Taliban reign.

“The infrastructure, those building blocks of a society… I started to see those start to be cultivated and grow back in the absence of a Totalitarian type of regime,” says Lamar.

Lamar says he feels a great dread seeing cities and providences falling to the Taliban after 20 years of work. But, hopes some are clinging to hope.

“There is still a hope that some part of that culture can survive that has been fostered,” says Lamar.

He says higher education had been revitalized, basic human rights had been restored in many places and he feels that this will be reversed, quickly.

“The footage I have been seeing today of Afghans clinging to outside of airplanes and falling to their death. That shows you the amount of desperation that the average Afghan has. They know what is coming. They have been through it before,” says Lamar.

He hopes Americans can put their biases aside.

“Your average Afghan person is just a family man trying to support his family the best way he can. They are not all terrorists. They are not all Taliban fighters. The Taliban recruit in some horrible ways to get people to join,” says Lamar.

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