Kitchen Cops: Expired brisket and grease on the ground

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 5:00 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 13, 2021 at 5:55 AM CDT
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Marshall County Kitchen Cops found plenty of problems throughout the month of July, and sent us a detailed list of everything from the 82 inspections carried out that month.

The Y-Mart Deli on Highway 168 in Boaz had the lowest score in the entire Valley with a 68. Inspectors found cleaner bottles too close to food, broken wires on a sifter, residue on soda nozzles, rust in the ice maker and several food temperature problems.

Not far down the road, the Double Bridges Grocery was written up for failing to sanitize utensils, missing soap and paper towels at the sink and grease soaking into the ground outside the building. It’s score was a 72. Granny’s Corner in Guntersville gets a 74 for a rusty ice machine and a sanitizer dispenser malfunctioning in a dishwasher.

In Langston, the Kitchen at the Little Mountain Marina also scored a 72 due to 8 day old gravy in the fridge and food temperature issues. Problems at Porky’s - the barbecue joint in Grant gets a 77 because of insecticide too close to the food prep area, no soap at a sink, no sanitizer in a dishwasher and brisket 3 weeks past it’s expiration date.

There were only a pair of notable scores in Lauderdale, Colbert and Morgan Counties this week:

Fuqua’s Southern Soul Food in Rogersville gets an 81 because of foods with no date markings. The Wheeler Dam Market had dirty soda fountains and no soap in the bathroom, earning it a score of 83.

Madison County also only had a handful of scores that met our reporting threshold, all in Huntsville:

BJ’s Brewhouse at Bridge Street had the lowest score in Madison County, earning a 79 due to food temperature problems, a rusty ice machine and flies in the kitchen. Inspectors also found flies at the Burger King at Jordan Lane and Sparkman Drive, along with a broken ice bin. It gets an 83.

Four Leaves Asian Restaurant on University Drive gets an 82 because of a dirty soda nozzle, improperly stored cleaning supplies and food temperature problems.

Pane-Vino on Church Street saw a warning that it’s permit was in danger of being suspended despite an 80 score. That’s because inspectors found build up in an ice machine that went unabated and no way of checking the temperature of the dishwasher.

G’s Country Kitchen on Oakwood Avenue gets an 80 as well, due to missing sanitizer in the dishwasher, flies in the building and four month old banana pudding in the fridge.

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