Former Sheriff Mike Blakely remains in custody at the jail he used to run

The judge has not yet made a decision on a request to allow bond for the former Sheriff.
Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 10:08 PM CDT
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LIMESTONE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - Former Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely’s attorneys are fighting to get him out of jail on bond. Blakely was taken to his own jail after he was convicted in his corruption trial Monday.

Acting Sheriff and coroner Mike West says Blakely is being held in the medical ward, but not for medical reasons. It’s so he can be separated from inmates.

Tuesday afternoon, Blakely’s sentencing was set for August 20 after the judge in Blakely’s trial revoked his bond following his conviction. But, his attorneys want him to be able to get out on bond before then.

State prosecutors argued that people in Limestone County stay on bond after conviction and prior to sentencing and that Blakely should be no different. The judge has not made a decision yet on the request to allow the bond.

That means Blakely is staying in jail. Mark McDaniel from Blakely’s defense team says they will immediately be appealing the two felonies Blakely was convicted of, but that can’t happen until he is sentenced. The goal of the appeal would be to get Blakely a new trial for the two charges.

McDaniel did say that, by law, Blakely cannot be sheriff again, even if he wins an appeal. The ultimate decision for who that new sheriff will be is up to Governor Kay Ivey.

“There will be local political interests as there is in every community in the county who will have a preferential list of candidates. It might be partisan, it might be non-partisan that they would like for the Governor to choose from. The Governor’s not obligated to choose from any of those lists the Governor in this case, Governor Ivey, can appoint whomever she wants to appoint and I would assume that that will be done in short order,” said local political analyst Dr. Waymon Burke.

In the meantime, coroner Mike West is pulling double duty for the citizens of Limestone County, but he’s hoping Ivey will appoint someone in the coming weeks. McDaniel spoke of what these recent changes mean for Limestone County.

“I know that he was a good sheriff of Limestone County but limestone county, like I said yesterday, things keep going, times change, people change, people retire, people die, things happen and as human beings a lot of times we think ‘Well, I don’t think they can do without us.’ Well, they can, and that’s the way the whole world’s always worked, it’ll always work that way. Nobody’s irreplaceable,” said McDaniel.

Blakely could potentially get a sentence of two to 20 years for each charge he is facing.

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