Shoals woman talks why she chose to get vaccinated against COVID-19

“I do feel like I have a better chance at fighting it. I wouldn’t want to chance getting the virus again without having the vaccine,”
Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 10:05 PM CDT
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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - Right now, almost 1,200 people are in the hospital in Alabama because of COVID-19 and public health officials are sounding the alarm for people to get vaccinated.

75% of the people walking through the doors at Helen Keller vaccine clinics are now coming to get their very first doses. Officials say more people are coming to get vaccines, but that it’s still not enough.

A shoals woman changed her mind about getting vaccinated and received her first dose on Wednesday.

“I had it really bad last September and I was hospitalized with it and I do not want to contract the virus again but I feel like I would have a better chance at fighting it off if I do get it,” said Kim Jeffrey.

Jeffrey said she’s got the vaccine to protect herself and because of the death of her mother.

“I do believe that I lost my mom to the virus. Not directly associated, but 6 months later I do feel like it was effects of the virus that got her,” said Jeffrey.

Helen Keller Hospital and area clinics have seen an uptick in people getting the vaccine in the last week, but officials there say more people need to roll up their sleeves to fight off this uptick in cases and hospitalizations.

RN, Krista Stanley and Jeffrey both say, if you’re skeptical, do your research but also think of others.

“Do some research. I prayed really hard about it and it helped me make my decision,” said Jeffrey.

" It’s going to take everybody, a team effort to stop this virus and even though we’ve been seeing an uptick in the people getting it, that’s mainly the one’s that have not been vaccinated and we just need everybody to come together and do what’s right for them and our children and our community,” said Stanley.

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