Defense rests case in Sheriff Mike Blakely trial

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 6:55 PM CDT
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LIMESTONE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - Update: The defense has rested its case:

Blakely’s testimony below:

Original: After less than two days of defense testimony, Mike Blakely’s attorneys could rest their case as soon as Thursday. It’s looking like this case will be in the hands of the jury very soon.

The defense is quickly going through their witnesses as opposed to the prosecution who had testimony for over a week, but Sheriff Blakely himself still has yet to take the stand. We’ll find out Thursday if the Sheriff will testify.

Wednesday began with cross-examination for expert in state elections and campaigns Steve Raby. Raby testified that mistakes on campaign records are often made, especially in local elections. Raby also said dozens, if not hundreds, of candidates he’s worked with, have deposited campaign funds into personal accounts, and none have been charged with theft.

You may remember Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Chief Clerk Debbie Davis who was called to testify twice. One of Blakely’s charges revolves around her wiring him $1,000 to a casino in Biloxi, and today her husband Jerry Davis testified he told Debbie to wire their personal money. Jerry said he did this because Blakely is a friend, and he would do it again.

Tammy Waddell was one of the two jail workers who testified Wednesday, and she spoke of a meeting she had with an Attorney Generals investigator and FBI agent a few years back to discuss the case. She felt very intimidated by them, and that things got heated when she believed they were wanting an answer from her that was not true.

The state played a recording of part of the interview where Waddell said the investigators were professional and did not raise their voices at her when they asked her about this. The state questioned Waddell why she changed her answer and why she never told them she felt intimidated. Waddell said, “If I was comfortable with your office, maybe I would have,”

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